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“You don’t know even this”

“The Child is the father of the man” is the famous expression of William Wordsworth is his poem “My heart Leaps Up”. This has a very deep meaning. But critically analyzing the statement in my way, I concluded that there is no connection between age and wisdom. Sometimes a child teaches us so many great lessons of life which we are unable to understand as adults. The brain of a child is like a clean slate. When it observes the world, various questions arise. That’s why the child asks lots of questions. Because he is inquisitive. But as we grow old, we start hesitating. We don’t want others to know our lack of experience and knowledge. Instead of clarifying the doubts, we find it better to keep mum to avoid trolling, humiliation and bullying. The famous dialogue, “You don’t know even this” is not less than an atom bomb which destroys the very base of knowledge, wisdom, strong personality and confidence. Sometimes some teachers use the same dialogue for the students of higher classes to make them realize that they have not learned anything from their previous standards. But this attitude can play havoc with the life and career of children.  Not only teachers, sometimes parents also use such terminology to guide the children which is absolutely wrong.  

We all should change our attitude.  Rather than making fun of others, try to explain the things. It hardly matters, how old the person is. If someone wants to know something, treat him like a child. I am sure, it would definitely boost their confidence and you will a change in the behavior and personality. 

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