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As a Rule, Man is a Fool

After talking to my refrigerator for 15 minutes, I switched to my laptop. After a while I realized that neither refrigerator nor laptop responded to any of my talks. How stupid I am! How can they respond? But I was not having any other option. Sitting totally alone in my basement, I was memorising the days when mom used to ask a lot of questions. All the time she was after my life and when I didn’t listen to her then she used to complain dad. Hey, my mom is still alive. I miss her because she is very far from me. But when she was near, I used to pray god to give me at least one day of loneliness. A day when nobody could disturb me. A day when I could talk to myself. A day dedicated to me. You know what? God fulfilled my wish. Nobody disturb me here. I use to wake up at 12.00 noon and sleep till 2:30 a.m. Nobody ask me if I have or haven’t my food. No restrictions, no queries. Somebody has rightly said, “As a rule, Man is a fool.” Now I wish, if my mom and dad could also stay with me in Canada. Would that there were no restrictions on visitors. As per William Shakespeare, the entire world is a stage. We all are mere actors playing our role. But we sometimes forget that the play of life is a team work. Best performance cannot be expected without the team members. Parents, Siblings, Spouse, Children, Relatives and friends all are a part of this drama. Trust me, playing alone is really depressing. Sometimes situations force you to separate and sometimes it’s your choice. In both the conditions, loss is yours. I hope you understand.

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