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Who is your best friend?

Sitting lonely in the basement on the very special day of my life, I was looking at the sky throughout the window. Years are passing by. With every year, there are new hopes, new resolutions, new targets and new goals. The list of aspirations is never ending. But one thing always remains the same. The wish to live more and more. How beautiful life is! Nobody wants to die.  Due to a pandemic, everyone is stucked at their places. No social life, no parties and no big functions. Thanks to mobile phones, internet and online world. Due to information Technology, I could celebrate my e-birthday. What if everything stop one day! What if there is no internet! What if the mobiles stop working! Just imagine. How life would be. I know, some of you might be scared at this thought. Always remember one thing. If someone is never going to leave you alone that person is you. Be a best friend of yourself. Love everything about yourself. Enjoy your own company. Trust me, you would feel better.