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Who decided the right age?

Since the birth of a child, there is constant pressure on the poor fellow to achieve everything at a right age. For example;

 To be a graduate before the age of 25.

To get married before the age of 30

To have a child before 35

To own a house before 40

To retire at the age of 60

I ask you. Who decided this right age? Is this mentioned in the constitution of a country? Which religion has defined these boundaries? I know that you are totally blank at this time. Because there is no hard and fast rule of this age fundamental. It is just a self made rule of the society that gives depression and tension to the youngsters. Believe me, you are never too late and you are never too early. There are many people who finish their studies at the age of 22 but they have to wait for 3 to 4 years to get into a good job. There are many people who settle their career at an early age but die before 40. So my dear friends, there is no right age to do anything. You are eligible to study, to marry, to start a business, to own something at any stage of life.

Look at these people;

Henry Ford was 45 when he discovered his best model.

Vera Wang became a famous Fashion Designer at the age of 40.

Ray Kroc was 52 when he bought MacDonald.

Colonel Sanders, the original founder of KFC was 62 when he franchised his business.

Barrack Obama retires at the age of 55 while Donald Trump starts at 70.

If these people would have worked as per the age zones, I am sure they would have never dared to take the initiative at such a later stage. If you are worrying because your life is not going anywhere. Just chill guys and wait for the right moment.

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