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The world has changed

When I look back in my life, I always realize that the world has changed a lot. Whether it is technology, social media, value system etc. etc. Film makers have changed their perspective from romantic and action movies to serious concerns of the society. Happiness is measured with bank balance and high profile status. Education is no more considered as a source of enlightenment, it is merely a degree to get a job. Instead of supporting others, everyone is in the race of leg pulling. Above all, the attitude, thinking and family norms have been changed. Amongst these changes, something good has happened. People are now more open about women issues and problems. Gone are the days, when parents used to leave the rooms and change the TV channels during the Stayfree and condom advertisements and kissing scenes. In Canada, when I see the mothers being very happy to see the little ones kissing their boyfriends and girlfriends, I use to imagine if I would have done the same in my time, my parents must have disowned me. I remember, one day with utmost courage I asked my mom, “What this stayfree is all about?” She gave me some briefs about the menstruation cycle. Next day I asked one of my friends, do you know what these sanitary advertisements are all about? She said, yes, it’s to clean the wet floor? My eyes were wide open and I was just thinking who was kidding with me? My mom or my friend. To discuss such topics was also a taboo in our so called civil society. There was a time when the girls were asked to keep quiet if they were molested by someone. Thanks to the “Me Too” movement that empowered the women to seek justice. Many people are talking about equality.  But a question is always raised in my mind. Girls, do you really need to be treated equal as Boys? I don’t think so. You know why……………………………………………………….

Based on the last line, guess what would be the title of my next blog?

Crazy Woman