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As a human, we are always confused over the uncertain future, uncontrollable conditions and extreme situations. Then we keep complaining about the current scenario. with this controversial mindset, we always forget that our present gets spoiled and wasted. I am not talking about something new. Everyone understands this but the very nature of human being … Continue reading Confusions

The Real Wealth

With a lot of aspirations in mind, everybody dreams of maximizing the wealth and earn lots and lots of money. Some people work day and night just to build huge properties while some other buy lotteries in the hope that they would become millionaire some day. But a thought always trigger my mind, Do we … Continue reading The Real Wealth

Illusions of Being the Best

When God created human being, he said in his ear that you’re the best. God wanted to say that human being is the best creation on earth. But the species of humans is so selfish that everybody took this compliment personally. In this world of confusions, miracles and illusions, each and every person is shredding … Continue reading Illusions of Being the Best

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