Illusions of Being the Best

When God created human being, he said in his ear that you’re the best. God wanted to say that human being is the best creation on earth. But the species of humans is so selfish that everybody took this compliment personally. In this world of confusions, miracles and illusions, each and every person is shredding their knowledge and experience on others. They always forget that the supreme power of this world treats everyone equally. He has given brain to each one of us. Then why do some people think that others are duffers and just a burden on earth? And they themselves are the only ones managing the whole universe. Now some of them would argue with me over this issue. They would give some facts and figures in their support. Such as brainy and intelligent people becomes scientists and duffers becomes so and so. Then I would like to tell them, “Everybody is not alike.” You can’t compare Albert Einstein with Hritik Roshan and Mahatma Gandhi with Shakespeare. Isn’t it funny to make a comparison of two persons which are pole apart? People learn out of their own culture, traditions and most importantly life experiences. That’s why even the siblings raised by the same parents show different thinking patterns and share diverse ideologies. It’s good to be in high spirits to boost your morale. But the excess of positive attitude sometimes turns into selfishness and arrogance. Ego is such a thing that can destroy even the great warriors and witty persons. So the moral of the story is, “Stay confident, Stay Humble and Stay Calm.

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Crazy Woman

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