What is FOMO?

Have you ever felt sad or depressed after visiting your friends profile on facebook, instagram or whtsapp status? Please don’t. There is a hell lot of difference between real life and life on social media. According to a report, the major problem that today’s youth have been facing is FOMO (Fear of missing out).  The information displayed on social media accounts is not true in all the cases. Sometimes in order to present an idealistic picture of family, relations and achievements, people post such things which make others feel insecure. They feel that others are having more fun or availing better opportunities. They believe that they are missing out some information or chances available to others. This FOMO has resulted in depression, anxiety and unhappiness amongst many youngsters. How can we deal with this FOMO?

Remember some tips:

  • Facebook, instagram and all other social platforms are an illusion. They do not present the real picture.
  • Stop bothering about what other around you are doing.
  • Give attention to your aims and goals in life.
  • Stop looking at social media as a tool of happiness. It is just a way to connect to your friends.
  • Show your appreciation for the real life achievements. Try to take time out of your schedule to talk to your friends over phone and if possible try to visit them.
  • Adopt an attitude of gratitude.
  • Rather than feeling unhappy at others success, you should rather look at the bright side of the things.

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