Who saw the ghost?

Hostel life is full of sweet and funny memories. But some incidents are unforgettable. Though all the hostels in the world are different but most of them have one thing is common. Guess what? I know you must be thinking about mess food, hehehe. No. This is something scary. Yes you guessed it right. All the hostels of the world have some haunted stories or haunted rooms. Dated back to 2009 when I was doing  MBA and used to live as P.G. I wish I could live that life again except that night which  still gives me goose bumps. As usual, we all were in our respective rooms after the dinner time. Sita didi (maid) had gone after doing the dishes. We all were on our beds, ready to sleep. Suddenly I realized as if someone was knocking our door. Shockingly, there was no one. Five minutes later, I almost had a heart attack when the girls in the adjacent room started shouting and ran out of the room. Within seconds, all the girls were in the lobby. When asked, they said that there was a ghost who was knocking their door continuously. For a moment, I was scared too. I and my roommate tried to convince that it might due to windy weather. As expected, nobody was listening to us and nobody dared to go to their rooms. Everybody was telling the horror stories of one or the other kind. Ghost was the centre of attraction throughout the night. Irony of the fact is that nobody saw the ghost. I and my roommate were so tired that we chose to sleep in the room despite the fact that ghost might disturb us too. I don’t know whether ghost exist or doesn’t exist but the reality is, I still can’t sleep alone without light at night. I can’t lock the main gate of the house at night after watching a horror show. I still don’t dare to watch a horror movie at night. This is my story. Don’t forget to tell me in the comment section about your haunted memories.

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9 thoughts on “Who saw the ghost?

  1. Scary story💀☠️☠️..When I was in Newzealand..I used to came back from college at night bcoz it was so far from hometown..One night at 8p.m( if anybody visit Newzealand they surely know at 8p.m nobody walk on road) I was going to back home from train station.. suddenly I realized that some body is following me and the voice was coming like Shan Shan.. that was a time , I near to die..In my life ,first time I ran very fast ,when I reached near home then I thought the sound was of jhanjra..it could be Indian ghost 😀😀..Thankfully it was a last day of college..otherwise I could not complete my studies..


  2. I don’t faith in ghosts.I consider it is the fear of mind.But your dad have faith in.Perhaps he saw the ghost with his own eyes.But now a days i think that Corona is a form of ghost that wrapped and manytimes kill everyone who goes out from house.So i suggest everyone to escape from corona by sitting in your homes.
    In waiting for next blog.


  3. Well!! I have never seen ghost but i believe in it because of my dad, as he felt the presence of soul in his childhood. Secondly, in my hostel, almost all the maids and seniors used to say that the room in which I reside is haunted because a girl committed suicide there!! Though, I used to get up in the mid of night at 3 O CLOCK and had horror dreams, I started keeping a mug full of water under my bed, not due to superstitions but I have read somewhere that water spreads positivity which is true. I regularly spent time near the Logo of Patiala university with fountains ⛲,(if someone has seen it)throughout my post graduation.I followed this routine and it was the time when I started reading the holy books, enchanting prayers at the times I feel negativity around.
    So, yeah it’s a Common story of ghost in every hostel.


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