As a Rule, Man is a Fool

After talking to my refrigerator for 15 minutes, I switched to my laptop. After a while I realized that neither refrigerator nor laptop responded to any of my talks. How stupid I am! How can they respond? But I was not having any other option. Sitting totally alone in my basement, I was memorising the days when mom used to ask a lot of questions. All the time she was after my life and when I didn’t listen to her then she used to complain dad. Hey, my mom is still alive. I miss her because she is very far from me. But when she was near, I used to pray god to give me at least one day of loneliness. A day when nobody could disturb me. A day when I could talk to myself. A day dedicated to me. You know what? God fulfilled my wish. Nobody disturb me here. I use to wake up at 12.00 noon and sleep till 2:30 a.m. Nobody ask me if I have or haven’t my food. No restrictions, no queries. Somebody has rightly said, “As a rule, Man is a fool.” Now I wish, if my mom and dad could also stay with me in Canada. Would that there were no restrictions on visitors. As per William Shakespeare, the entire world is a stage. We all are mere actors playing our role. But we sometimes forget that the play of life is a team work. Best performance cannot be expected without the team members. Parents, Siblings, Spouse, Children, Relatives and friends all are a part of this drama. Trust me, playing alone is really depressing. Sometimes situations force you to separate and sometimes it’s your choice. In both the conditions, loss is yours. I hope you understand.

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Crazy Woman

14 thoughts on “As a Rule, Man is a Fool

  1. Don’t worry.Have faith on your path.The Hard Situation is passing over the whole world.Remember The Lord everytime.He do the right whatever He do.After lockdown soon we will meet you.Always be courageous my brave daughter.God bless you the happiest long life.
    Very well written.Iam proud of you.In the past only I listened to you but now there are a large number of listeners .Your views are so effective.Waiting for the next blog.
    Your mother
    Ashok Rani


  2. Humans realise only when they theirself go through a particular situation. Its good when u realise and accept that at some time u were thinking weird. Trust me, Sm ppl don’t even have the guts to face and accept the reality and they r just making their own life worse.


  3. Don’t worry dii..keep your self busy in doing some thing special for urself.. Remember! we all are with you by heart❤️all the Happy ਪਿਆਰੀਏ।


  4. U knw what, u are the queen of your innovative thoughts, ….which is why u are in Canada and in quarantine it’s one n only u, among your community, who decided to write!!! I really like your way to perceive situations. HEY GIRL… U R STRONG! ❤
    I LOVE ur blogs and you ( ͡°❥ ͡°)
    ° ͜ʖ ͡ –


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