The Girl that has Everything

To kill time in quarantine period, I was watching the videos of Holi party organised by the daughter of India’s richest person Mr. Mukesh Ambani. What a marvellous party it was! Flooded with elite industrialists, bollywood starts and political personalities, Isha Piramal Ambani’s party was not less than a heaven on earth. Deep into my thoughts, I started dreaming of such a wonderful future. Would that I won a lottery! Would that I earned alot in the share market! Would that I could find a treasure some day! Would that I be able to throw a party better than this! Simultaneously I was sad over the pity state of mine. I don’t have my own house. I left my settled career and struggling once again. One more time in my life, I can feel myself at the same stage where I was 10 years back. My inner conscious was pinching me and reminding me of all the things that I don’t have or I couldn’t achieve till date.  This pain was even more aggravating when I saw others marching ahead in life. May be I felt jealous. May be its human nature.   My negativity was increasing the hollowness of my existence. Then I received the message from my friend. She said, “Dear I think you achieved everything that you wanted to have.”  For a moment, I thought, she was kidding with me. The next moment, I had a flashback of all the blessings showered by God. The list was so long that I forgot what I was mourning for! A Great family, Good education, satisfactory job, real friends, wonderful husband, lovable relatives and sound health. I realized, at present, I am the girl that has everything. Sometimes we become so much future driven and fascinated by the worldly pleasures that we totally forget what real happiness means. Remember, you cannot measure your success with someone else’s scale. What others are doing is none of your business. Life will become wonderful if we start looking at the blessings which we have but others are craving for. There may be many people who have earned a lot in their life but they might not have enjoyed the match of carom board and chess with their children. There may be many people who would be leading a luxurious life but they might not have enjoyed the fun of watching television with family. There may be many people having lots of servants at their service but they might be crying for the gossips with real friends. There may be many people who travel in high profile cars but they might not have enjoyed a morning walk with near and dear ones. Am sure, you all must be thinking of all those wonderful memories which are the real asset of your life.

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16 thoughts on “The Girl that has Everything

  1. Great writing work which realizing me that I should keep my self happy with what I have.
    Thanx for sharing good lessons for life😘😘


  2. Fabulous dea…. You writes wonderful.. I love 😘💞😍this blog alot…….. Bahut pyaara likhti ho…. Carry on


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