Six Feet of Land

As a child, I was always curious to grow big. Because I was always thinking that mom and dad were living a wonderful life. No school, No homework. How free they are?  My house was near to Girls College. Whenever I saw the girls, I always wanted to dress up like them. Wearing uniform was so boring. Hundreds of aspirations and dreams used to fantasize my mind. When I entered college, I used to look at the successful entrepreneurs and people earning well on jobs. Then I started dreaming of a reputable job with good money. The time came when I completed my college and finally got the job. I was like, now I would be very happy. But I was wrong. That was not the end rather beginning of the journey. I was entered into the race of money making. I got to know that success is measured by the bank balance you have. The more property, the more gold, the more money you acquire, the more respect and value you will earn. I still remember when someone made fun of me when I told her about my salary. It was the initial period of my career and my earning was really meagre. As soon as you step into this race, People start comparing. Trust me, comparisons are like a lice that sucks your blood. That day I learned that you do not have any personal value. That’s why people are mad after making huge properties. Alas! There is no end to this greed. Hang on! I remember the story of the greedy farmer. Who always asked god why he is not the number one farmer. One day a devil heard his story and gave him an option. The devil asked him to take a round of the land as much as he can. The land he would cover by foot would be given to him. But the only condition was that he had to return to the starting point before the sunset. The farmer became very happy. He started running very fast so that he could own a huge piece of land. After some time he was very tired. But he didn’t stop. He kept walking. When there was very less time in sunset, he thought to go back to the starting point. By now, he was dead tired. He could barely breathe. You would be surprised to know that he died when he reached the starting point. What do you learn out of this story? How much land does a man need? The farmer was buried into six feet of land. You don’t even need that if your body is to be burnt as per your religion. Then why are we letting down others for the worldly pleasures? Isn’t it better if we become the support system for each other? Isn’t it better if we value a human’s feelings and emotions more than the bank balance? Isn’t it better if we give more importance to peace of mind and satisfaction rather than properties and precious stones?

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Crazy Woman

15 thoughts on “Six Feet of Land

  1. Every blog leaves good lessons for life ..Thanks for sharing your stories which makes sense to understand life situations…😃😃


  2. Well!! The story elaborates the integral point out of several, blogger I want to ask you, rather than saying true or nice whether people themselves follow such principles of life who say the story was nice???? To never let others feel down, to not to talk about wealth, position, status!! It’s too hard! Even knowing they themselves have so many weak points people poke others, so shameless! NO?


    1. Sometimes we don’t realize when we hurt others. Or may be we ask certain questions in concern. But the other person might feel bad because it creates stress. So its not always like that. Depends upon situation to situation.

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  3. Many times I think why did God make vices. There should have been only virtues. But the hard fact is vices always existed and are increasing even more with materialism.

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  4. Very fascinating blog mam. I feel really good to read all about your blogs and some where relate to myself also. You always inspire me from the day i choose HR as my major subject i decided to be a professional like you……….!!


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