Thank God! I am born with silver spoon.

Thank God! I am born with silver spoon. You know what does a silver spoon means for a girl. This is not being rich, this means born in the family where at least your parents take care of your needs, feelings and rights. Alas! This silver spoon is sometimes not being enjoyed by the women in so called elite families. No wonder, you must be confused now. Ok. Let me clarify it. Once I heard a girl who was leader of some union talking about equal rights. The definition of equality was defined in terms of roaming on roads late at night because boys can do so. Oops! She also encouraged the girls to fight against the hostel authorities to demolish all the restrictions to come late. Not only this, some people also define equality by stating that they have given same facilities to girls  as they have given to boys in the family. But I ask you, if boys embarrass girls and tease them; do you also want to tease the boys?  Is this what is called equality? In my opinion, girls do not need anything equal to men. Both male and female are human beings. Why our so called society cannot understand that a female is also a human like the male counterpart. Right to education, Right to be self dependant, Right to take own decisions, right to follow social and cultural practices, Right for social protection are human rights. Then why it is being considered as a favour. This is not something which is reserved for the boys and providing these to girls would be a special opportunity. How ridiculous our social system is!  Hey Girls! Wake Up.  You do not need the right to commit crime because boys do so. You do not need to tease the boys because they tease girls. You do not need to roam unnecessarily on the roads if boys are allowed to do so. The only thing that we need is the appropriate attitude of the society and an improved social system. I seriously wait for the day when people would not debate on the issues of women empowerment, female foeticide, girl education and so on. Because that will be marked as an end of the dark era which is full of discrimination. To bring this change, first of all girls need to understand their own value. I seriously suggest all the girls reading this article, plz stop thinking that giving birth to a male child is gonna increase your importance in family. Plz Stop thinking  that a high profile marriage with a lot of dowry will help u to have a better life style. Plz stop thinking that marrying a rich guy will determine your success. Plz stop thinking that fair complexion will add your value.

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Crazy Woman

15 thoughts on “Thank God! I am born with silver spoon.

  1. Well said… Girls should learn their own values.. keep it up dii …This will be very helpful to inspire girls


  2. There are many many places where men still think themselves superior. My heart goes out for suppressed women. Those who are with silver spoon-it’s their good luck. Real equality lies in respect for each other


  3. A woman told me that a woman gets importance in her in-law family only when she gives birth to a child. I wanted to ask her what kind of a family is this, I mean family means family; unconditional love. Moreover she emphasized on having a male child. She said only the women having at least one male child are the lucky ones and the most ridiculous point is that she was not an old woman, she was an educated woman below the age of 30. 😂😂


  4. My only wish is to give birth to baby Girl. And My another wish would be to teach her all her rights and make her bold. I want to live my life again in her. I will give nit guve her dolls to play but teach her to fight for her own rights. Thats the Only wish.

    I really enjoyed reading this and appreciate all thoughts. Thank you


  5. Great thought!! Have the same ideas
    but it is a bitter truth that educated society is lacking behind than others to accept that rights are for all, though males(young ones) have a different note on all of above! My dad says it true, “educated by degrees but still uneducated people have captured this cultural, pure,divine,traditional society” Which totally follows the teachings of GOD😂which is also bifurcated according to religion and preferences! Oh god there are much endless topics blogger!!
    Keep it up!


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