Crazy Woman’s Fantasyland

Crazy Woman’s Fantasyland

Childhood memories are full of imagination and fantasies. One day a classmate told me that she has some precious gems and diamonds with her. If we sell them then we can get rich overnight. I got curious to see the precious stones. But the condition was, I had to go to her place to have the look. And I already told you in my previous blog that there were a lot of restrictions on the girls in our family. We were not allowed to visit our friends’ house. After a lot of debate in my mind, my curiosity overpowered the norms of the family and I went with her without informing my parents. My family was very worried when I didn’t return from school on time and my mother informed the school teacher and some of my friends gave the information that I have gone with a friend. Worst part of the incident was, there were no diamonds and gems. My friend made me April Fool. She and her sisters made fun of me. Fully disappointed when I reached home, I hide myself under the bed because I knew that its time for my thrashing.  I tried to convince everyone that she dragged me to her house though I was not willing to go but all in vain. I had to bear the brunt. In the fairytale world of a child, his or her birthday is the most special day of life. Like other children, I also wanted my birthday to be celebrated with my friends at home.  I was in forth standard. My little sister was born that year. I was so excited to introduce the baby to my friends. Once again without discussing with my family, I invited my friends to my birthday party. When I reached home, one of my dad’s sister was there with her kids. I totally forgot about the invitation and started playing with my cousins. When the clock stroked 4 p.m., the doorbell rang. Oh! My God, My face turned pale to see my classmates with gifts in their hands. My mom frowned at me while my aunt convinced everyone to celebrate now. On the spot my mother arranged the eatable and balloons but you can well imagine the insult which I had to bear after the party. To make me realize my mistake, my mother used to tell this incident to everyone whoever was visiting our house. I can never forget that birthday. Don’t forget to share in the comment section if any such incident ever happened in your life.

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Crazy woman

30 thoughts on “Crazy Woman’s Fantasyland

  1. Too interested story which relate to everyone’s childhood.. keep it up for sharing such kind of interesting stories.. waiting for your next blog..In lockdown period this helps me lot to refresh my childhood and definitely give a big smile on my face😃😃


  2. When I was 7 years old, I convinced my lil sister who was 5 years ols that time to go to my uncles house with me by walk and we followedour grandfather’s scooter. There was no possibility to match scooter speed and we were lost somewhere. After 5 hours of searching everyone was worried. Then one of my uncle saw us and called my Dad. Now You can Imagin the situation. Oh my god I never forget that moment.

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  3. The story gives a lot cheer.BecausThankse in childhood it is much interesting to go to friends home and enjoying with them. I had also a dear friend from childhood till my marriage.I couldn’t meet her after marriage.In childhood I often went to her house twice a month.The most loving memory that was.I never forget it.Thanks for remind such interesting memories.Waiting for next blog.

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    1. Though I am youngest one in family, I have also experienced almost same situation when I went with my group of a “drama”, participating for annual function of school, without informing at home😂😂😂oh god!! That day my elder sister n brothers were so helpful, they saved me.! It’s only bcz of them ,that I have never faced aggression of my parents. From your blog, I understand the concept of responsibility and maturity that my siblings had at the earliest and how they let me enjoy my childhood😍

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  4. Ye kab hua??? 😮Why i don’t remember!!🤔
    Why this Blog is just women’s fantasyland?🤨
    Why u being a racist rn. 😭😭
    Why shud gals hv oll da fun. 😒😒
    Hehe.. just kidding diidii.. 🙊🙊
    I mich u 🙁😔

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  5. Such a beautiful writing!!! Wanna go back into those times and relieve those precious moments!!! Thanks Ekta for penning down dese emotions 😘

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  6. Your blogs rejuvenate old memories 😍
    The more I appreciate would be less.
    Each single line that I read, creates the exact situation in my imagination.

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  7. Really too interesting story.. in my childhood I use to come at your home during vacations.. your story refreshes our mind.. kind of meditation nd relaxation..

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