Talks of 90’s Children

Being a ninety’s child, how many of you have wished for sanju’s pencil of Shakaa Laka Boom Boom, how many of you have tried to spin like Shaktiman and how many girls have tried to dress up like Sonpari. Being a crazy woman I always wished to have some superpower some day so that I could solve all the problems of the world. Anyways that’s my story. Let me know about your crazy story in the comment section. Mine was the joint family. We were 7 children at home and our mothers used to be very busy with the household work. So I and my cousin used to have boy cut so that it’s easy to get us ready for the school. Ah, I remember the first day of school when one of my teachers made me sit with the boys. As I was having boy cut. So she could not understand my gender. While I was crying to sit with the girls, she was constantly frowning at me. She asked me to keep quiet in a strict voice and I also started playing with boys after some time. In small cities and towns, it was not very common that girls have such short hair. It was only when my mother met the teacher and told her that I am a girl, she could understand my situation. But I was more comfortable sitting with boys now.  You would burst into laughter after reading this. One day a friend of mine told me that your ears would be swollen if you continue to sit with boys and I got frightened. She also told me that all the classmates are our brothers and I tend to believe her. Thank god! My husband was not my classmate in school. I could imagine the poor state of   my dear hubby if the same classmate might have studied with me in the college. Those silly talks make me laugh even today when my memory has flashbacks from my childhood. I clearly recall the day when we had our first telephone connection at home. Earlier we used to go to the neighbors for urgent phone calls. All the seven children were roaming around the phone as we were having the competition as who will pick the phone first. As soon as the bell rang, we all started running to pick the receiver totally unknowing that our grandfather was standing right beside us with a stick in his hand. Thank God, I was physically weakest child of the family. So I was spared. Rest all received their award. After spending a lot of time in village, my family was migrated to city. Due to the little backward nature of the family, girls were not allowed to visit their friend’s houses. I still got Goosebumps while writing the incident when one of my friend………………

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Crazy Woman

16 thoughts on “Talks of 90’s Children

  1. Dear guy, the story is very nice.These selfhappened childhood stories are much interesting and improbably.Yes Yes i remembered also that the vilager children chase a boy haircut girl by saying her rodi rodi . All your aspectations are very exiting.Be happy and be busy in your wonderful writings.Waiting for more blogs


  2. Crazy woman, I also had a boy cut with the same reasons, I always had a dream to get that chocolaty world and magical places as shown in cartoon shows like noddy, dragon tales or so. 😂 I am super excited as always, for your next blog!!


  3. I used to play ghar ghar with my two sisters and they’d make me father and then these strange dynamics comes in and I had to take all the decisions like what will we cook today. Funny thing is, they don’t agree to most of my decisions because I was youngest of us three and they’d think I am just being silly by saying “aaj gajar ka halwa banate hai” and they’d say “pehle khana banate hai uske baad mithai banate hai”.


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