Being Eldest is not everybody’s cup of tea

I very well remember the day when I and my brothers were having fight over a petty issue and dad intervened to resolve it. At the end, he said my younger siblings are gonna follow my footprints so I should behave in a certain manner. Oh really dad! My crazy mind was thinking of some mischief that I was doing in my mind and those  little one’s are copying me. Though I pretended as if I understood everything. I already told you, being eldest is not everybody’s cup of tea. After hearing the lecture from dad, I turned out to be very patriotic. Do you remember the Kargil conflict between India and Pakistan in 1999? There were various types of NEWS going on and some were self made by the children in my class. After listening to all the false stories, I was teaching my brothers how we can fight with Pakistani army when they are gonna attack us and how we will be saving our family. Ah! Poor boys. They didn’t even understand what a war mean but they liked my stupid talks and were actively participating in the imaginative war that we were having with Pakistani army at our residence. Not only this, one night I told them the story of ghosts and scared them. You know the brain of the child is like a clean slate. They become whatever you write on it. But we are ninety’s kids. It was an era when technology was not developed at such a high level. Having a Cable TV at home was a matter of prestige. Being average family children, we were deprived of our right to watch cable TV serials as we were supposed to study all the time and bring laurels to the family. But you know, the girl who stood first in the class was having cable connection at home and I stood second. But who will bell the cat and tell my parents that there is no connection between cable TV and education. If you are a child born in ninety’s, then you must be thinking of…………………………………………………

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Crazy Woman

12 thoughts on “Being Eldest is not everybody’s cup of tea

  1. Hi blogger!! Your articles leave a suspense which make me “CRAZY” for next blog. Your second article made me laugh in the initial hours of my day, thankyou and all the best.


  2. Your blog reminded me of my childhood days when my elder sister was always asked to behave in a particular way and the younger one was always appreciated for her stupid mischiefs. However being a middle child, I felt that nobody was much concerned about me.


  3. Hi Khushboo, I was experiencing a “deja vu” as I was reading it. It took me back to 90s. Nice writing. I look forward to reading the next part. Kudos and Congrats!!

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  4. Hey! I am fond of reading books right from my childhood and these 21 days were came as a chance for refreshing my mind aa I was planning to read my favourite books again. But today, I came across your wonderful creation and you are now one of my favourite authors. Your work is really fascinating. Congratulations and thanks a lot! Waiting for next . 🙏🏻


  5. I really enjoyed the writing. I had a deja vu about 90s. It took me back to a much simpler time. I look forward to reading the next part. Kudos n Congrats!!


  6. Hey, it was a really good read because I can totally relate to it. I was being told many bizzare stories as well by my sisters which I later found out as not true.
    Waiting for your next blog.


  7. Hello blogger I feel cheerfuly to read your topic. I have remembered many far past memories of my studying and household life of very backward of my younger cousin sister was living with us.She and my younger brother fought with each other.I often took part of my cousin.she was the youngest in us so I had to face a bitter war. Really being eldest is tough.Thank you for so exiting blog.Gbu.


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