Being Crazy

Being crazy is not being insane, it’s being ambitious. Most of the modern women dream high about their career and life. Our very dynamic and so called contemporary society has given wings to the girls to think high but with the predefined boundaries. As soon as a girl turns twenty, she is supposed to learn the ethics and rules of the society to wear dresses, to correct her gestures and postures. I still remember the guy who once said, girls do not look good when they laugh out loud. But why? What’s the logic behind?  Such a hypocrite world we are living in! They have problem even if a girl laugh. Why should I limit myself with a cute little smile on the face while I want to take out all the fun and laughter inside me? That’s why I feel myself being crazy sometimes when I dare to break these shallow boundaries. This is just the trailer. There is lot more to discuss. Let’s talk about the irritating aunties. Sorry aunties, Please don’t mind. But yes, it’s true when you’re over concerned you’re irritating. I could never understand why aunties want the girls to look perfect all the time so that they can impress a rich and good looking guy. On the top of it, girls with fair complexion can easily hit the bull’s eye. Oh! My god. Those “Fair and Lovely” advertisements were so much on my mind that I got angry with my mother when she refused to buy one for me. She said that I am already fair enough. But you know when my cousin did the rating of fairness of all the girls in the family, I topped at the bottom. I could not sleep the whole night and next day I made turmeric paste and start rubbing on my face as a substitute to fair and lovely. Then my crazy thinking triggered me. Why is it important to look good? “To impress a guy”…. an aunty’s voice echoed in my mind. My brain replied, “stop doing this you fool. You are not born to impress someone.” I went back to my room and started studying. You know this colour discrimination is very old and deep rooted in Indian society. My mother once told me the story of the boy who rejected the girl after seeing her younger sister who was more beautiful. I can never forget the dialogue of my sister at that moment, who is seven years younger to me. She said, “mom, when someone will come to see didi, please hide me somewhere, otherwise he will select me over her.” Though she was in third standard at that time but I was mad at her. How dare that little monster consider herself more pretty than me! But I could not say anything to her as she always gain sympathy for being the tiny one. You know, it’s not easy to be the eldest child in the family especially when you are trying to be very idealistic, obedient and hard working who wants to earn praise from every nook and corner. I hope all the eldest children would be well connected with this situation. I very well remember the day………………..

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Crazy Woman

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