As a human, we are always confused over the uncertain future, uncontrollable conditions and extreme situations. Then we keep complaining about the current scenario. with this controversial mindset, we always forget that our present gets spoiled and wasted. I am not talking about something new. Everyone understands this but the very nature of human being does not want to apply this simple rule. It’s good to be serious in life but not at the cost of your mental, physical and spiritual health. Enjoy every moment of life as it will not come back. You will n’t be given the second chance to enjoy your youth, middle and old age. So try to be contented with what you have now and stop panicking over the trifles and uncontrollable situations. keep your life simple with limited desires. Though you can dream big but don’t be a slave of this materialistic world. Believe in law of Karma and do good deeds. That’s more than sufficient. I hope this would help. Waiting for your comments.

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The Real Wealth

With a lot of aspirations in mind, everybody dreams of maximizing the wealth and earn lots and lots of money. Some people work day and night just to build huge properties while some other buy lotteries in the hope that they would become millionaire some day. But a thought always trigger my mind, Do we really need this wealth? My mind says, “yes”. In order to live a luxurious lifestyle, we definitely need it. But heart says, “Your definition of wealth is wrong.” Wealth is not what we earn in terms of money”. The real wealth is the relationships, love and respect that we earn throughout our life. The real wealth is the true human values that we own. Alas! very few people in this world accumulate this.

Illusions of Being the Best

When God created human being, he said in his ear that you’re the best. God wanted to say that human being is the best creation on earth. But the species of humans is so selfish that everybody took this compliment personally. In this world of confusions, miracles and illusions, each and every person is shredding their knowledge and experience on others. They always forget that the supreme power of this world treats everyone equally. He has given brain to each one of us. Then why do some people think that others are duffers and just a burden on earth? And they themselves are the only ones managing the whole universe. Now some of them would argue with me over this issue. They would give some facts and figures in their support. Such as brainy and intelligent people becomes scientists and duffers becomes so and so. Then I would like to tell them, “Everybody is not alike.” You can’t compare Albert Einstein with Hritik Roshan and Mahatma Gandhi with Shakespeare. Isn’t it funny to make a comparison of two persons which are pole apart? People learn out of their own culture, traditions and most importantly life experiences. That’s why even the siblings raised by the same parents show different thinking patterns and share diverse ideologies. It’s good to be in high spirits to boost your morale. But the excess of positive attitude sometimes turns into selfishness and arrogance. Ego is such a thing that can destroy even the great warriors and witty persons. So the moral of the story is, “Stay confident, Stay Humble and Stay Calm.

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“You don’t know even this”

“The Child is the father of the man” is the famous expression of William Wordsworth is his poem “My heart Leaps Up”. This has a very deep meaning. But critically analyzing the statement in my way, I concluded that there is no connection between age and wisdom. Sometimes a child teaches us so many great lessons of life which we are unable to understand as adults. The brain of a child is like a clean slate. When it observes the world, various questions arise. That’s why the child asks lots of questions. Because he is inquisitive. But as we grow old, we start hesitating. We don’t want others to know our lack of experience and knowledge. Instead of clarifying the doubts, we find it better to keep mum to avoid trolling, humiliation and bullying. The famous dialogue, “You don’t know even this” is not less than an atom bomb which destroys the very base of knowledge, wisdom, strong personality and confidence. Sometimes some teachers use the same dialogue for the students of higher classes to make them realize that they have not learned anything from their previous standards. But this attitude can play havoc with the life and career of children.  Not only teachers, sometimes parents also use such terminology to guide the children which is absolutely wrong.  

We all should change our attitude.  Rather than making fun of others, try to explain the things. It hardly matters, how old the person is. If someone wants to know something, treat him like a child. I am sure, it would definitely boost their confidence and you will a change in the behavior and personality. 

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What is FOMO?

Have you ever felt sad or depressed after visiting your friends profile on facebook, instagram or whtsapp status? Please don’t. There is a hell lot of difference between real life and life on social media. According to a report, the major problem that today’s youth have been facing is FOMO (Fear of missing out).  The information displayed on social media accounts is not true in all the cases. Sometimes in order to present an idealistic picture of family, relations and achievements, people post such things which make others feel insecure. They feel that others are having more fun or availing better opportunities. They believe that they are missing out some information or chances available to others. This FOMO has resulted in depression, anxiety and unhappiness amongst many youngsters. How can we deal with this FOMO?

Remember some tips:

  • Facebook, instagram and all other social platforms are an illusion. They do not present the real picture.
  • Stop bothering about what other around you are doing.
  • Give attention to your aims and goals in life.
  • Stop looking at social media as a tool of happiness. It is just a way to connect to your friends.
  • Show your appreciation for the real life achievements. Try to take time out of your schedule to talk to your friends over phone and if possible try to visit them.
  • Adopt an attitude of gratitude.
  • Rather than feeling unhappy at others success, you should rather look at the bright side of the things.

Where do you see yourself?

Where do you see yourself in the coming ten years? A very common question being asked in the job interviews to most of the business graduates. I still remember the day when I appeared in the interview for the first time in my life. It was for Tata Consultancy services HR assistant. I answered almost all the questions like what is 360 degree appraisal, Syndicate training and bla bla. At the end the interviewee asked that very simple question which was quite expected to be asked. Like every average student, I replied, “I want to be a successful person.” Then she asked, what is success?” I was totally blank at that time. She smiled at me and I never got a call back. Now 10 years have passed since I did my post graduation. I don’t have an appropriate   answer of that second question yet. People define it in their own ways:

Barack Obama, “Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in People’s life.”

Stephen Covey, (writer of the book “7 habbits of highly effective people”) said, “If you carefully consider what you want to be said of you in the funeral experience you will find your definition of success.”

Bill Gates, “It is also nice to feel like you made a difference — inventing something or raising kids or helping people in need.”

Warren Buffett, “I measure success by how many people love me.”

Thomas Edison, “Success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”

Winston Churchill, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

I also did my self-introspection and found a few answers from within. Success doesn’t have any one definition. Success is the alternative word for satisfaction. A person is successful when he/she is satisfied with what he/she is doing and his/her achievements. Don’t forget to tell me in the comment section about your viewpoint of success.

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Persistence is the key to success.

Success does not come overnight. In childhood, I tend to believe that   “Hard work is the key to Success.” Because I was taught in the school. When I ended up my post graduation, suddenly the so called notion gets changed.  Now “Smart work is the key to Success.” How confusing it is.  Everyone defines the ways to be successful in his/her own way. But one thing which is common amongst all the great leaders and entrepreneurs of the world is; Persistence. Every winning story has a lots of failure attempts in the background. To name a few:

Thomas Edison failed a thousand times before inventing light bulb.

Stephen King, a famous writer, was not as famous in the early period of his career. He faced a number of rejections before getting famous.

J K Rowling faced many problems in her personal life. Before Harry Potter came to limelight, she was divorced barely living on charity/welfare.

George Luca famous for Hollywood movie franchise Star Wars was initially rejected by three famous studios: Disney, United Artists and Universal.

Walt Disney was fired from his newspaper job because his boss found lack of creativity in him. He disapproved it and the rest is history.

Jack Canfield famous for Chicken Soup series was rejected by 144 publishers.

Amitabh Bachhan famous for his acting in Indian cinema was rejected by a radio for poor voice quality. But he proved them wrong. Now his voice is his identity.

Rudyard Kipling the person who introduced Mowgli to us in his famous publishing “The Jungle Book” was fired from newspaper by the editor because his English was considered to be very poor.

So friends, don’t lose hope if you are facing struggle and failures in life. Never give up. Keep trying. Because “Persistence is the key to success.”

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Who is your best friend?

Sitting lonely in the basement on the very special day of my life, I was looking at the sky throughout the window. Years are passing by. With every year, there are new hopes, new resolutions, new targets and new goals. The list of aspirations is never ending. But one thing always remains the same. The wish to live more and more. How beautiful life is! Nobody wants to die.  Due to a pandemic, everyone is stucked at their places. No social life, no parties and no big functions. Thanks to mobile phones, internet and online world. Due to information Technology, I could celebrate my e-birthday. What if everything stop one day! What if there is no internet! What if the mobiles stop working! Just imagine. How life would be. I know, some of you might be scared at this thought. Always remember one thing. If someone is never going to leave you alone that person is you. Be a best friend of yourself. Love everything about yourself. Enjoy your own company. Trust me, you would feel better.

Who decided the right age?

Since the birth of a child, there is constant pressure on the poor fellow to achieve everything at a right age. For example;

 To be a graduate before the age of 25.

To get married before the age of 30

To have a child before 35

To own a house before 40

To retire at the age of 60

I ask you. Who decided this right age? Is this mentioned in the constitution of a country? Which religion has defined these boundaries? I know that you are totally blank at this time. Because there is no hard and fast rule of this age fundamental. It is just a self made rule of the society that gives depression and tension to the youngsters. Believe me, you are never too late and you are never too early. There are many people who finish their studies at the age of 22 but they have to wait for 3 to 4 years to get into a good job. There are many people who settle their career at an early age but die before 40. So my dear friends, there is no right age to do anything. You are eligible to study, to marry, to start a business, to own something at any stage of life.

Look at these people;

Henry Ford was 45 when he discovered his best model.

Vera Wang became a famous Fashion Designer at the age of 40.

Ray Kroc was 52 when he bought MacDonald.

Colonel Sanders, the original founder of KFC was 62 when he franchised his business.

Barrack Obama retires at the age of 55 while Donald Trump starts at 70.

If these people would have worked as per the age zones, I am sure they would have never dared to take the initiative at such a later stage. If you are worrying because your life is not going anywhere. Just chill guys and wait for the right moment.

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Who saw the ghost?

Hostel life is full of sweet and funny memories. But some incidents are unforgettable. Though all the hostels in the world are different but most of them have one thing is common. Guess what? I know you must be thinking about mess food, hehehe. No. This is something scary. Yes you guessed it right. All the hostels of the world have some haunted stories or haunted rooms. Dated back to 2009 when I was doing  MBA and used to live as P.G. I wish I could live that life again except that night which  still gives me goose bumps. As usual, we all were in our respective rooms after the dinner time. Sita didi (maid) had gone after doing the dishes. We all were on our beds, ready to sleep. Suddenly I realized as if someone was knocking our door. Shockingly, there was no one. Five minutes later, I almost had a heart attack when the girls in the adjacent room started shouting and ran out of the room. Within seconds, all the girls were in the lobby. When asked, they said that there was a ghost who was knocking their door continuously. For a moment, I was scared too. I and my roommate tried to convince that it might due to windy weather. As expected, nobody was listening to us and nobody dared to go to their rooms. Everybody was telling the horror stories of one or the other kind. Ghost was the centre of attraction throughout the night. Irony of the fact is that nobody saw the ghost. I and my roommate were so tired that we chose to sleep in the room despite the fact that ghost might disturb us too. I don’t know whether ghost exist or doesn’t exist but the reality is, I still can’t sleep alone without light at night. I can’t lock the main gate of the house at night after watching a horror show. I still don’t dare to watch a horror movie at night. This is my story. Don’t forget to tell me in the comment section about your haunted memories.

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